Who I'm I, Well, I'm James Little, I live in Belgium . I live a vintage mid century life. Every week-end you find me on the flea markets around Europe. I can't let something go lost, so I buy and buy... you know what I mean
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Rainy day... The Blender vintage shop...

On a rainy day is a visit to the Blender always a good idea... Just have a look for yourself...

And of course the expo 58 finds

Some Val St Lambert cristal champagne glasses, a gimmic boze stopper, a flyer from Venizuela.. Sugar wrap . .. Small plate and a souvenir bowl

Small difference!!!

If you look good you see the difference. One is more rare than the other. So allways eyes open !!

Jusg ask

Last week I got a mail regarding some expo stuff. A women wanted to know if her stuff she collected over the years , was realy expo stuff or just from that era. To thank me she send me a pin . A pin that made me verry happy. Thanks Ann

To start :her table... This is the real deal. It has all the good lables on it. And what is more , the one like this is rare! €500 if you find them in this condition

Her other stuff... Small atomium from the fair , big one not so sure.. The pin ! From the fair

This items are from later date, but still noce to have. The lighter an other photo is alsofrom later date. 

Why I 'm so happy with that pin I tell you later.. 

Greets from  Brugge