Who I'm I, Well, I'm James Little, I live in Belgium . I live a vintage mid century life. Every week-end you find me on the flea markets around Europe. I can't let something go lost, so I buy and buy... you know what I mean
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Small atomium for on the car dashboard

A nice one!

small plate with the atomium by Boch 
that form by Boch is named ' atomic'
what you see here are display plates
the new series came out for the 50th birthday of the fair
you find a picture in earlier post

Ring of fire...

lighter (zippo system)

even school notebooks were dedicated to the fair in 58.
the inside of the notebooks were a whole book on themselves, if you took the time to put them together.
so far I only found one notebook , 

It's been a week

A week has past since I started this blog
To my surprise people from allover the world come and go. From Malaysia over Japan through the US to be back in Europe. So many defferent countries.
I realy hope you all like what you see and will start leaving some comments. For the male visitors don't forget/ mondy is pin up monday! for the ladies, mayby you wil be on the blog on monday.
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As the weekend comes my search for more items of the world fair starts again, visiting flea markets and garage sales
today it's realy summer here, so a nice drive with my ' 53 ford to the beach is in order
 Keep rocking and Visiting 
James Little

a selection of small post cards

the flyer of the UK pavilion
it was not a free flyer
kost was 5 bfr equals 0,12 euro
but you did a lot more whith that kind of money than you do now

for my spanish friends 
an email plate

they exist from all the contries
I have a few in my collection

The atomium

the atomium became the symbol of the fair
as a souvenir they came in all sizes and oculars

a magazine dedicated to the opening of the fair

most of the Belgium magazines had in 1958 a special edition
this one is one about the human being in 1958

Ooh Canada

one for my visitors from Canada  ;
the book of the canada pavilion on the world fair

april 1958
nice cars back in the time


flyer Rosenthal 
like anyone else the made a special cataloge for the worldfair
verry rare to find

something I hope to ad to my collection.
If anyone has it let me know
it's a glasses case in rubber/plastic with the 58star pressed
all other items of the world fair 1958 are more than welcome


flyer EU 
in a typical 1958 style

Some info

belgium textiel industry

Keep it simple.. Or not

unalit ( belgium fireproof plastic ) ashtrays

I want more ...

They come in all forms and colours.
Those ashtrays are starshape ' the 1958 expostar form '
It's a well know symbol for the world fair collector, but know that not all items from the fair have that star... Some people thing that, but some items were not realy for sale and did not have the star. Simple because they were not ment to be collector items... 


viewmaster bakelite

one single reel ' atomium '
four folders of three reels ' world fair '