Who I'm I, Well, I'm James Little, I live in Belgium . I live a vintage mid century life. Every week-end you find me on the flea markets around Europe. I can't let something go lost, so I buy and buy... you know what I mean
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Just be smart

Some time ago, I saw a nice advertising lamp in a vintage store... Only 30 were made for promoting the Expo bread in The Netherlands. The price was to high!! Just because the shop owner knows I am a expo 58 collector
Just think and be smart!! I asked a friend to go....... and it worked!! It 's so nice in our living room
The colour stripes are rotating and give it a real nice extra
Thanks Dave for shoping for me.

some nice pics related to expo bread

for my followers in the UK

this is one of the UK's pavilion directories

tin boxes allways a nice thing for people in the UK
the round one is of an English maker

Japan at the worl fair

Items of the world fair in 1958 related to Japan are not so easy to find
the only thing I have in my collection is this booklet.

Somethings are not for sale

Sometimes you see things used as decoration... So sad ... If I only could take it home for my collection

Some vintage lovers and friends have items that I love to add to my collection... Maybe one day Sam will part with this tie bar

Nice book

A friend send me some pictures on Facebook ; if I want this book? oooh yes! I had allready the French copy, now I even have the Dutch one. Thanks Jean Paul De Bruyn. hoop to see you soon

the dutch copy

the french copy

New world fair 1958 LP

After a long search finally in my collection. The benny Goodman recordings from the world fair in 58
LP in good condition, and not even so pricy... allways a plus

Thanks t speedseekers blog

sometimes when friends see something related to the 1958 world fair, they bring it to me.
A big thanks to kris from http://speedseekers.blogspot.be for bringing me this stampcataloge from 1958;

for my Italian followers

the Italian flag on an ashtray

spoons you could collect with the expobread points
one for every country

pick nick table from martine club

still looking for stamps from Italy from 1958 worl fair
Not sure if they exist but you never know

beer mugs

Mayby not so atomic, but still, these were made in 1958 for the world fair in brussels
I do collect everything from the fair so these also, not the most favorite items but always glad to find something new. 
I have some more but do the fact that they are not so atomic I'll spare you more pictures

the blog does his work

Yesterday I got a mail from Eva, a nice girl who visited my blog.
She mailed me some pictures of 45rpm vinyls; in 1958 with  bread (expo brood) you could collect points; you could exchange the points for vinyl with all the numbre one hits of that time.
I allready had some of those vinyls but those I did not.
When I ask what the price was , she mailed me " no price just a gift".
Throught a common friend the will be delivered to me.
 Thanks to Eva
and Chris from http://speedseekers.blogspot.be


Next to the stamps from Belgium , now I got some stamps from Hungary from 1958