Who I'm I, Well, I'm James Little, I live in Belgium . I live a vintage mid century life. Every week-end you find me on the flea markets around Europe. I can't let something go lost, so I buy and buy... you know what I mean
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Some new finds

What a day at the flea market, again I finded a boch disc with the atomium. This time the yellow one. I have now the green, pink and yellow so far.

Also I finded a parking ticket with the plan on the back. Never seen that before.

Offer your tabacco with style

Back in the days when  tabacco was not the enemy jet... On a tea party it was normal to offer some tabacco. In a nice atomic era it would be in something like this...

Nice find!!

Nice 1958 novelty cuff links. Manneke pis is a old statue in Brussels. Everyone goes to see it ,when visiting Brussels. In 1958 they used the images on a lot on souvenirs. Do the statue is not really from 1958 but much older.. 

Zandfeesten flea market

I live in Bruges, in Belgium. The first Sunday of July , august, and september there's a super big flea market.

It was a rainy day but still we find some mice expo 58 stuff. A cristal vase and a toy ring.. The ring I had already in silver plastic but now I have the 'gold' plastic one too