Who I'm I, Well, I'm James Little, I live in Belgium . I live a vintage mid century life. Every week-end you find me on the flea markets around Europe. I can't let something go lost, so I buy and buy... you know what I mean
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Madam Mim

In my home town there is a little vintage shop . Madam Mim ! Super shop with good prices. And when there comes somethings in from the world fair they keep it a side; and what a beaty it was this time! 

Just a nice gimmick

Old shirt in original box... On the Side it has the lettering EXPO 58.
the brands who participated in the expo, were proud and so they put it on their packaging.

Winter is here

In winter time Sometimes you wake up and there is ice everywhere. But the solution is salt... So get out the sald shaker... Indeed from the world fair 58 

Winter sick....

I'm Today against all odds I went to a indoor flea market. Sick as a dog but still focused on expo 58 stuff. It's getting harder and harder to find stuff for a good price. Two small booklets and two post card accordions... But a got really exiting over two beer glasses! Enjoy the pictures. 

The first of the year

Today it was time to go to the first flea market of the year.. And we did find some nice things... 
A coffee tin.. A small plate , a souvenir for on the dresser.. And a rare post card