Who I'm I, Well, I'm James Little, I live in Belgium . I live a vintage mid century life. Every week-end you find me on the flea markets around Europe. I can't let something go lost, so I buy and buy... you know what I mean
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Yesterday I got a mail from Eva, a nice girl who visited my blog.
She mailed me some pictures of 45rpm vinyls; in 1958 with  bread (expo brood) you could collect points; you could exchange the points for vinyl with all the numbre one hits of that time.
I allready had some of those vinyls but those I did not.
When I ask what the price was , she mailed me " no price just a gift".
Throught a common friend the will be delivered to me.
 Thanks to Eva
and Chris from http://speedseekers.blogspot.be

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