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hawaiin village

last night I got a verry nice gift from a wonderfull friend
A silk scarf from the hawaiin village during the world fair 1958
thanks Rudy

1958 Brussels Expo ' 58-Hawaiian Village/Film Paprika

Andy Tielman † (solo guitar, vocals)
Reggy Tielman (2nd lead guitar, vocals)
 Ponthon Tielman † (double bass, vocals)
 Loulou Tielman † (drums, vocals)

The spheres of the atomium in Brussels still remind us of the great world fair  Expo ' 58, who in 1958 was held from april 17th till october 19th.
Hawaiian music was extremely popular in Belgium and as part of the amusement park was a Hawaiian Village (Hawaiian Village). In a Palm tree decor with blue sky and exotic plants and flowers played the Hawaiian ensemble of Mike Anoi (Guus ' brother ' Abbott) and Rudi W & his Hawaiian Minstrels (with Ilse Hollard, who got engaged with Reggy Tielman Uchtmann during the expo) both as main act. There were several Dutch bands on stagz and also THE FOUR TIELMAN BROTHERS received an invitation from Mr Morisson of the Organization of the Hawaiian Village. They were allowed to fill a 20 minute break. They brought a spectacular rock & roll show, which had never been seen in Europe. Andy played the guitar with his foot and teeth, the guitars back in the neck, played with drumsticks, acrobatic tricks by double bass,. It became 6 months.

The Belgian RenĂ© ' Nappie ' Vlasselaar became their manager and arranged a recording for their label Fernap. Together with his brother, He was owner of the jukebox company Fernap Ferry (Ferry and N). ‘Rock Little Baby Of Mine’ was an uptempo rock song written by Andy Tielman as well as the ballad ‘You're Still The One’. The inspiration for both songs came from his idol Elvis Presley, but the characteristic Tielman style was already present despite the primitive recordings.

Andy married in that period in Brussels with Jeanine M. One night, when all of their guitars and amps were lost during a fire at the Expo, his rich father-in-law Roger M. transfered expensive Gibson Guitars and amplifiers from America.

On november 1st 1958, they gave a show at the big Dome Hall of the Hague Zoo.

Hans Joachim Kulenkampff and Peter Frankenfeld discovered the Tielman Brothers at the Expo and brought them  to Germany by the end of 1958 for a guest appearance on their TV show and a musical showact in the film Paprika.


Philip Olson said...

I was a young American Soldier, stationed in Metz, France in 1958. I was able to attend the 1958 Expo in Brussels two separate times. Both times, I was thrilled to go to the Hawaiian Village there, and loved everything about it. I remember the Tielman Brothers fondly, they were very good. I also became acquainted with some of the dancers there. Sorry, it's bee too long ago to remember their names. I will always remember that 1958 Expo with great fond memories.


james naessens said...

If you have some pics from your vissits, I love to see them
Greets me atomi58